Project description

The results of the field survey on the inventory of the flora and fauna elucidate the richness of the natural resources of the proposed Idanre Hills World Heritage Site (Afolayan , 2007). It is rather pathetic that the abundant floristic composition of the area has been depleted extensively and some of the identified fauna species are critically endangered as a result of increasing anthropogenic activities. . It will be recalled that Elephant was reported killed by one of the notable hunters in Idanre .There is therefore a need to take actions with the aim of securing and protecting the site. Sustainable conservation and management of Idanre Hills will assist Nigeria in her quest to secure enlistment of Idanre Hills on UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST.

objectives of the proposed environmental conservation education resource centre

  1. Promote biodiversity conservation .

  2. Increase the level of awareness and consciousness of the host communities on the values of the heritage resources on Idanre Hills and adjourning landcape

  3. Raise the level of knowledge of the visitors (tourist and excursionist) to the hills on the inherent non-consumptive values of the heritage resources

  4. Offer the host communities to access information and equip them with necessary skill to become competent tour guides, interpreters and environmental conservation educators

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