Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation (NECOR) is an environmental NGO in Nigeria that is born out of the need to ensure optimum participation and involvement of all the stakeholders including the local communities in the sustainable management of natural resources. The organization is the umbrella body for Environmental Conservation Club (ECC), which strives to inculcate environmental conservation consciousness into the youth as a way to gather much-needed support and efforts targeted at tackling numerous environmental challenges confronting humanity. The idea, passion, enthusiasm, talent and strength of the communities toward achieving sustainable management of our natural resources and fragile environment can therefore not be ignored thus a collective multidisciplinary approach is urgently required.

Project & Activities

As a Nigerian environmental society, we are committed to ensuring the sustainable use and conservation of the country’s natural resources. Therefore, we are involved in many projects and activities, and some of them include:


Over the years, as an environmental NGO in Nigeria, NECOR has been involved in the exhibition of indigenous plants that are of medicinal value. We also educate the participants on the conservation status of wild animals of social and economic value.


The Organization promotes the reuse of waste products like plastic bottles, rags, sachet water nylon. We also promote the use of bamboo for the production of toothbrushes, toothpicks, etc.


NECOR/ECC organized training for farmers, job seekers, retirees and the unemployed on sustainable natural resource management like beekeeping (apiculture), snailry techniques, aquaponics, etc.

Aims and Objectives

As a dedicated Nigerian environmental society and NGO, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To contribute towards conserving and protecting our naturally endowed environmental resources
  2. To bring to the knowledge of the populace and register it in their consciousness the need to conserve our environment
  3. To enlighten the populates on the consciousness of the devastating of our natural resources.
  4. To create a forum by which members of the club can exchange views and ideas on the problems confronting environmental conservation in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large
  5. To work out solutions to (iv) above and also work out modalities toward implementing the solutions
  6. To make members aware of the great economic, cultural, recreational and aesthetic values of the natural resources (Nature).

Core Values

Our core values are keys to achieving our mission. They serve as the key to the involvement of stakeholders through inclusive and integrated approaches toward the development of innovative ideas for sustainability.

environmental NGO in Nigeria

Sustainability-Focused Environmental NGO in Nigeria

We are a sustainability-focused environmental organization in Nigeria, and we aim to ensure that relevant stakeholders and local communities participate in the sustainable use and management of natural resources. As an environmental NGO in Nigeria, NECOR’s projects are centred around environmental conservation and protection, climate change, flora and fauna, and other things related to the country’s natural environments. Our aim at NECOR is to be one of the foremost environmental NGOs in Nigeria & Climate Change NGOs in Nigeria.