Project description

As part of the measures to address environmental challenges and to promote sustainable production and consumption, members of Environmental Conservation Club, FUTA has developed a bamboo made waste bin. This idea will go a long way in reducing over exploitation of forest products (timber) for construction of items such as furniture, tables and home used waste bin. High rate of deforestation as a result of harvesting of timber for construction calls for a need to develop alternative biological materials for construction and furniture. Bamboo grass is a Non-Timber Forest Product considered as an alternative biological material for construction of building and other furniture. Apart from the fact that the use of bamboo for construction of the waste bin will assist in addressing over exploitation of forest products such as timber, it will equally safe the environment from pollution and other harmful effects associated with the use of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic for construction of waste bin.

Other advantages of constructing the waste bin include

The use of bamboo waste bin as alternative to plastic waste bin willl

  • Encourage planting and utilization of bamboo grass.

  • Planting of bamboo will assist in the quest for carbon sequestration since bamboo plants sequestrate carbon than some other plants.

  • This bamboo waste bin is designed to encourage waste sorting through the use of the two outlets for collection of plastics and can materials

  • Sorting of waste materials will promote value chain addition to these materials through reuse, recycling and reuse by other end users.

  • Reuse and recycling mechanism will generate additional income and employment for the vendors that are women and youth


The bamboo waste bin was constructed using bamboo grass to give a trapezium shaped; it has two outlets on top for dropping the waste into the waste bin. One outlet is for plastic waste and the other for can waste. There are openings at the front side for collection of the items regularly. In order to increase the life span of this bamboo waste bin it is design for indoor waste collection to avoid impact of rain , sun and insect infestation.

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