Nigeria like some other parts of the World has been experiencing unprecedented environmental upheaval in the last few months. These are attributed partly to change in the climate, impacts of unsustainable anthropogenic practices, and cumulative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seizure of rainfall in the South Western part of the country for about 8 weeks between the month of July and August left many dumbfounded, confused, and in a precarious predicament. Could this be attributed to change in the climate or one of many wonders of nature? These and many related questions are begging for answers. Amazingly the much-awaited rain came in a torrent. The aftermath effect of torrential downpour since the past few days is unbecoming. Many people have been rendered homeless and properties worth billions of dollars have been destroyed or washed or carted away by the flood. Some of the affected places in the country include Kwara, Lagos, Jigawa to mention a few.
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