Transforming Waste into Beauty

    • In an inspiring showcase of creativity and environmental commitment, FUTA students wowed us with their waste recycling and upcycling skills during a workshop on August 26th, 2023.

    A Sacrifice Amidst Exams:

    • Despite upcoming exams, these students chose to make a difference by participating.

    Praising Innovation:

    • FUTA’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Adenike Oladiji, lauded their ingenuity and commitment to recycling, aligning with the university’s motto, “Technology for self-reliance.”

    Encouragement for the Future:

    • Prof. Oladiji encouraged these students to continue learning hands-on, emphasizing the value of their skills.

    Acknowledging Facilitators:

    • She thanked Dr. Oladeji Sunday Oladipo and Dr. Mrs. Sadiat Funmilayo Arifalo for their dedication in fostering student creativity.

    From Waste to Beauty:

    • Dr. Oladeji highlighted the workshop’s core purpose, equipping students with crafting skills for self-reliance.
    • Students crafted tote bags, flower decorations, vases, phone holders, and more from discarded items.


    • A generous diaspora member donated a sum of 35,000 Naira to support FUTA’s Circular Economy Hub.
    • They’ll dedicate their upcoming birthday to fundraising for the project.
    • This workshop is just the first step towards our goal.
    • We need your support to build, purchase equipment, and make the HUB a reality.
    • Your donations will drive sustainable living, employment, and skill-building.
    • Keep an eye on our website for the donation link.