Mr Kekeh Olanrewaju , C is a graduate of the department of Forestry , Federal University of Technology, Akure. He started his working experience as a forest Superitendent , Survey Unit of Ondo State Ministry of Natural Resource. He has served as the officer in charge of nursery in the Ministry . He is presently a Senior Forest officer in the department of forest utilization exploitation. Mr Kekeh has acquired experience through his exposure to various activities in different department of the Ministry. He combined his civic duties successfully with services to his local communities. He supports natural resources conservation efforts at state , national and international levels . He has contributed to establishment of Environmental Conservation Club , the student’s arm of Nigerian Environmental Conservation Organization in secondary and tertiary institutions . Some of his outstanding contributions to environment and natural resource conservation and management include inventory of teak plantation in Ondo-State; establishment of 50 ha of indigenous plantation through enrichment planting at , establishment of 10ha of Mansonia altissima plantation at Akure forest reserve , establishment of 100ha teak plantation at Oluwa forest reserve, establishment of 20 ha of mixed indigenous species in 0A3A forest reserve. . He has severaL publications to his credit