Empower Change, Donate to NECOR

At Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization (NECOR), we are driven by our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment, promoting sustainability, and creating a brighter future for all. Your generous contribution plays a pivotal role in advancing our mission and making a meaningful impact.

Welcome to the donation page of Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization (NECOR) .

Why Donate to NECOR

Your donation is a double investment — in environmental conservation and education. Here’s why your support matters:

  • Advance Conservation Efforts: Your contribution supports our joint initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, conserving wildlife, and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Enhance Education: Donations to our collaboration directly fund educational programs, workshops, and experiences at FUTA Zoo that inspire a love for nature and wildlife among visitors and students.
  • Create Synergy: By supporting NECOR, you’re part of a synergy that bridges conservation and education for a well-rounded impact.

How to Donate

Support our unique collaboration by making a contribution through these avenues:

  1. Online Donation: Make a secure online donation directly through our website. Choose an amount that resonates with your commitment to conservation and education.
  2. Bank Transfer: To donate via bank transfer, please use the following account details: Bank: [Bank Name] Account Name: Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization Account Number: [Account Number] Reference: NECOR Donation

Your Impact

Your donation strengthens our collaboration, enabling us to:

  • Expand wildlife conservation efforts, protect habitats, and contribute to the welfare of animals at FUTA Zoo.
  • Develop educational resources, workshops, and programs that inspire a deeper connection to nature among visitors and students.

Join the Collaborative Movement

By donating to the NECOR, you’re becoming a catalyst for change in both environmental conservation and education. Your contribution ripples through generations, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for our natural world.

For inquiries, receipts, or additional information, please contact our team info@necor.ng. Together, let’s elevate the cause of environmental conservation and education.

Your support in this unique collaboration signifies your dedication to positive change. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.