1. Brief Introduction of NECOR
Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation (NECOR) is an environmental NGO in Nigeria that is born out of the need to ensure optimum participation and involvement of all the stakeholders including the local communities in the sustainable management of natural resources. Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation is the umbrella body for Environmental Conservation Club (ECC). ECC strives to inculcate Environmental Conservation consciousness into the youth to gather much-needed support and efforts targeted at tackling many environmental challenges confronting humanity. The idea, passion, enthusiasm, talent, and strength of the communities toward achieving sustainable management of our natural resources and fragile environment can therefore not be ignored thus a collective multidisciplinary approach is urgently required.

2. The reason for the current project – dirtiness of Akure metropolis
One major reason for the increasing spread of pandemic is keeping unhygenic environment.
Outbreak of zoonotic diseases notably Lasser fever and COVID-19 has been linked to living unhygenic lifestyles.
Little wonder that Akure city, Ondo State capital that was declared by United Nations in 2006 as a millennium city with promising environmentally-friendly features has been reported to be dirty, unkept, and obnoxious recently. The city is gradually becoming unsafe with offensive odours and filthy milieu putting the lives of millions of inhabitants in peril.
Against this backdrop #akurecleanupcampaing was launched in January, 2021 by members of Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation. Some of the identified dumping sites have been reclaimed while efforts are being put in place to ensure a better and improved living for all and sundry .
The organisation is targeting empowering hundreds of youth and improving healthy lifestyle of the residence through promoting recycling, reuse, modular and sustainable waste management mechanism. We are working on targeted locations of the city to ensure the places are monitored by our correspondents and also mount CCTV cameras at those places, so that violators are brought to book

It is sure that we can’t do without generating waste; the organization is working to ensure that 90 percent of those waste are recycled and re-use in such a way that alternative source of employment will be created for the youth while also creating a healthy environment for the Metropolitan

3. What NECOR has done about it
Marking Out Dump Sites: Ten dumpsites have been marked out and cleaning is going on those sites to ensure the lands are reclaimed

Mobilization of Youth: More than 10 youths from the students of Federal University of technology, Akure have pledge support for the projects and are always ready for the clean up excercise every week ends. Some are supporting with kind words and several others are supporting with cleaning materials and equipment

4. Future actions by NECOR – total cost of the project including cost of machine.
This is a long-term project that demands sustainable work plan. our aim is to have those places monitored from time to time, get different collection bins which waste will be sorted, educate the community about sorting out their waste, having CCTV cameras installed at the Dumpsites, instant discard of waste to recycling plants where they can be recycled into another product and engaging youths as an environmental conscious advocates

5. Appreciating potential funders.
We shall keep all information and generated funds open to funders who have contributed to the success of this project and ensure they are updated about the progress of the project

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