Upcoming Conservation Events

Welcome to our upcoming conservation events page! Join us in our efforts to protect and preserve the environment through these exciting events. Check out the details below and mark your calendars. We look forward to having you with us.

Event 1:*Training Workshop on CIRCULAR ECONOMY-Upcycling Skill*  Nylon flower design Plastic Interior decoration Tote bag making.

Date: August 26th, 2023.


Time: 9.00am


Description: Join us for a transformative Training Workshop on CIRCULAR ECONOMY and Upcycling Skills, where creativity meets sustainability! Discover the art of crafting nylon flower designs, crafting plastic into innovative interior decorations, and fashioning trendy tote bags from repurposed materials.


Date: 18th-21st October, 2023
Venue: 2500 capacity auditorium, Obafemi Awolowo Hall, FUTA/Virtual(Online)
Description: the “Climate Partnership Actions for Sustainable Future” conference hosted by WASCAL is going to be an incredible event for those passionate about environmental conservation and addressing climate change. With a diverse range of topics and experts lined up, attendees will have the opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to positive change. If you’re interested, don’t forget to submit your papers and register before the deadlines to be part of this impactful event!


Past Events

Catch a glimpse of the successful events we’ve hosted in the past, contributing to our mission of environmental conservation.


Date: March 22, 2023

Category: Ecotourism / Educational Field Trips

Event Description: Join us for a memorable wilderness experience on our field trip to Yemoso Hill. This educational excursion offers a unique opportunity to engage with postgraduate students, the Head of the Department of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management, and experienced rangers from Old Oyo National Park.


  • Trekking a 3-kilometer distance from Ibuya Rangers’ Base Camp.
  • Climbing Yemoso Hill with an elevation of 432 meters (1425 feet) above sea level.
  • Navigating through intriguing natural formations including bat caves, lion caves, and python caves.
  • Observing wildlife such as Kob and Baboon, and also the discovery of diverse bird species along Ibuya Pool.
  • Experiencing the lush green landscape that remains vibrant throughout the journey.

This event provides an energizing and educational opportunity to connect with nature, learn from experts, and explore the rich biodiversity of the area.

Event Title: Conservation Education and Sensitization Program for Stakeholders in ILAJE, Ondo State on sustainable use of sea turtle, Manatee, Dolphin and Whales.

Category: Events / Programs

Event Details:

  • Venue: IGBOKODA Waterfront
  • Date: Saturday, 8th February 2020
  • Time: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Event Description: As part of our ongoing commitment to “Conservation Education,” Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization proudly presents a comprehensive sensitization program designed for stakeholders in the ILAJE area of Ondo State. This program is dedicated to promoting the sustainable utilization of essential components of our marine ecosystems.

Event Highlights:

  • Educational Workshops: Informative sessions on the ecological significance of sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, and whales in maintaining marine balance.
  • Community Engagement: Meaningful interactions with local communities to address marine conservation challenges and promote community-led initiatives.
  • Interactive Presentations: Engaging talks on sustainable fishing practices, marine habitat preservation, and responsible tourism.
  • Species Awareness: In-depth sessions shedding light on each species’ unique traits, behaviors, and the importance of their conservation.
  • Award Recognition: A dedicated member of our organization received an award for exceptional otter conservation efforts in Ondo State’s coastal region.

Event Success: This event garnered enthusiastic participation from local stakeholders, community leaders, and marine conservation enthusiasts. The event’s success reaffirmed our collective commitment to safeguarding marine treasures.

Next Steps: As we reflect on this achievement, we eagerly anticipate future collaborations and initiatives aimed at marine resource conservation, improved livelihoods, and sustainability for coastal communities across Nigeria.



Category: Events / Conferences

Event Description: We are excited to invite you to the 5th edition of the World Environmental Conservation Conference, scheduled to take place on June 6th and 7th, 2022. In the aftermath of COP26, this conference offers a platform for reimagining and evaluating decisions made, with the goal of driving progress in environmental conservation. Addressing issues like pollution, food and social insecurity, urban waste, landscape, and biodiversity decline will also be at the forefront of our discussions.

Conference Highlights:

  • Interaction and Presentations: Engaging sessions featuring research and opinion papers on critical global environmental conservation matters.
  • Collaborative Learning: A unique opportunity to learn from experts, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration.

Conference Details:

  • Date: June 6th – 7th, 2022
  • Venue: Virtual (Zoom)



Event Title: Ondo State Urban Waste Management Summit: Enriching Sustainable Development Goal 3

Category: Events / Clean-up Campaigns / Public Awareness Campaigns

Event Date: November 9th, 2021

Event Time: 10:00 AM

Contact Number: 08162591156

Event Highlights:

  • Engaging discussions on Sustainable Development Goal 3 and effective waste management strategies
  • Insights into the links between environmental issues, public health, and disease outbreaks
  • In-depth exploration of community-led initiatives for cleaner surroundings and healthier living
  • Sharing of success stories from the Clean-up campaign and World Clean Up Day participation
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions on sustainable waste disposal practices
  • Networking opportunities with stakeholders from government, private institutions, and NGOs

Event Description: We are thrilled to reflect on the success of the Ondo State Urban Waste Management Summit, which took place on November 9th, 2021. This milestone event showcased our dedication to promoting Sustainable Development Goal 3 through comprehensive waste management approaches and public awareness initiatives.

About the Event: The decision to launch a Clean-up campaign in Akure metropolis and our participation in a cleaning exercise to commemorate World Clean Up Day on September 18th, 2021, resonated deeply with Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation’s (NECOR) mission. NECOR has consistently led sensitization campaigns, advocacy, and efforts to raise community consciousness for clean, hygienic surroundings and healthier lifestyles.

The connections between outbreaks of Lassa fever, Cholera, COVID-19, and environmental issues like littering and unsanitary habits are unmistakable. The urgency of addressing this challenge led the Ondo State Waste Management Authority to enforce environmental laws more rigorously, particularly against corporate and private organizations. Despite these actions, the pungent odor and health hazards from accumulating waste persist.

In response, NECOR called upon Government MDAs, Corporate and Private Institutions, Individuals, and stakeholders across levels to partake in the ONDO STATE URBAN WASTE MANAGEMENT SUMMIT. This summit provided a platform to collectively develop a blueprint and roadmap aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 3, ensuring cleaner surroundings, healthier communities, and a sustainable future.

The summit was an impactful event that united individuals and organizations committed to making a positive environmental impact. The interactive discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative sessions highlighted the shared determination to enhance waste management practices and promote a healthier environment.


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