Dr. S.O. Oladeji and CG. Goni Mohammed DiscussingOn the 5th August, 2022 a courtesy visit was paid to the headquarter of the National Park Service, Abuja by the representative of Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation(NECOR) .
This visit was memorable in the sense that it affords, NECOR to present the certificate of NECOR-WECC-2022 Organisation award to the National Park Service. You will recall that this certificate was awarded to the National Park Service on the 7th June, 2022 during the 5th edition of the World Environmental Conservation Conference that was held hybrid. The award is in recognition of the cooperation, contributions and financial support Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation the organiser of WECC has enjoyed towards the success of this Conference since inception in 2018.
While appreciating NPS on behalf of the members of Netlink Environmental Conservation Organisation, Dr. Oladeji S. O, (the convener of WECC) expressed gratitude to the Conservator General of Park in person of Dr. I. Musa Goni on the existing partnership and collaboration between NECOR and NPS.
He equally used the occasion to solicit for the assistance of the Conservator General of Park in person of Dr. I. Musa Goni in order to strengthening the existing relationship between NECOR and NPS.
The hard copy of the WECC-2022 proceedings held hybrid between 6th and 7th June, 2022 was also presented. Meanwhile, a proposal to organise training the trainer workshop for the Staff of NPS and the host communities adjoining the park on ENHANCING CAPACITY FOR ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOOD, WOMEN/YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND CLIMATE RESILIENCE was extensively discussed.
The CG reiterated the commitment of NPS to support NECOR in actualising the objectives in line with the mandate of the organisation.
Also in attendance is the Dr. Agboola Okeyoyin , the Assistant Conservator General of Park.